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Email marketing done right

We live, breathe, and dream email. Nerdy? Maybe. Smart? Definitely. It’s where the 1:1 conversations — and conversions — happen at scale.

Here’s what we geek out for



Everyone says they do strategy. But when you’ve spent decades building CRM programs for Tier 1 brands, you learn a little. Experience matters.

Design and Development

Design and Development

We craft beautiful, accessible, impactful emails. Ever designed or dev’ed for Outlook? Not for the faint of heart.


Campaign Services

Our team’s done it all. Give us your small-but-mighty platform or give us your Salesforce. We’ll make it rain engagement, deliverability, and ROI.


Data Management

We have a lot of fun at Conversion — but when it comes to data, we’re deadly serious. Our accuracy rate is unparalleled.


Platforms and Integrations

Some clients need expert help with the plumbing. We speak CDP, API, ETL, AI, and all the other languages needed to build email/CRM ecosystems that deliver truly personalized experiences.



Because the thrill is in the results, and what gets measured gets improved. We go beyond vanity metrics to find out what’s really working.


Client relationships
done differently

Being great at email marketing isn’t enough. We take just as much care in how we treat people as we do in creating exceptional work.


What sets us apart


Fair, flexible,  
transparent pricing

Full-service, retainer, or à la carte, whatever suits your needs. Plus, extra value for scale. 


We’re aspirational but practical  

We don’t sell stuff that doesn’t make sense for you. Our recommendations are in your best interest.  


Client-side experience —we’ve been there 

And we get it. Targets, budgets, and compliance can be tricky business. We shape our work to your world. 


The prep in our step

Whether it’s resourcing, strategy, or operational planning, we’re always thinking 15 steps ahead. 


We’ve got best  
practices covered 

We know what works and are continually evaluating and testing new technologies and trends. 


We think it’s cool
to be kind

We’re inclusive, helpful, and caring, and that’s why our clients — and employees — stick around.

Art meets analytics and accessibility

Check out our lookbook of stunning emails.


How can we help level up your email marketing?

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About us

Client work

(416) 362-2178

200-174 Spadina Avenue,

Toronto, ON M5T 2C2


(416) 362-2178

200-174 Spadina Avenue,

Toronto, ON M5T 2C2

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