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A personalized product recommendation and recipe pairing email program, exclusively for AIR MILES Collectors at LCBO. 

The Challenge

As part of the company’s recent rebrand and reinvention, the LCBO sought to create a closer relationship with its customers in order to educate them on the world of wine, beer, and spirits. As a regulated retailer, they did not want to simply sell more bottles, but instead they planned to inform customers of new choices with product pairings based on their recent purchases and preferences. 

The Solution

In response to this challenge, Conversion created myLCBO, a personalized recommendation and recipe pairing email program that segmented customers by their AIR MILES purchases and deployed biweekly, personalized recommendations, recipe pairings, additional video and informational content. Conversion leads the data analytics, designs and deploys emails, and provides biweekly reporting dashboards. 

The Results

Though this program is still in the early stages, it has already delivered tremendous results. Open rates over 60% and click rates over 20% are well above industry averages, indicative of relevant targeting, great design, and strong content engagement. After clicking through, members are spending more time on the brand’s website and are buying more of the recommended wines. Results also show significant growth in price-per-bottle and overall sales among subscribers. 


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